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First Consultation | Braces Las Vegas

What to expect during your first orthodontic consultation.

Your Child's First Consultation

Approximately 3 million American teens have braces. The number of adults who are having orthodontic treatments is steadily rising. You’re never too old or too young to have straight teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children should have an orthodontic consultation no later than seven years old. Some people believe age 7 is too early for braces 89117, but this pre-screening is a great way for the orthodontists to use preventative measures to correct dental problems that could lead to braces in the future. Our orthodontist, Dr. Nguyen can also advise the child’s parent on future orthodontic treatments.

Adult Orthodontics

Adults can get an orthodontic consultation at any time. It’s never too late to consider correcting misaligned teeth. The initial consultation with Dr. Nguyen is basically a visual exam of your teeth and facial structure. Sometimes Dr. Nguyen requires more in-depth information (listed below), but none of this causes any pain or discomfort.

Your First Visit

Your first visit with Dr. Nguyen may include digital X-rays taken of your teeth and gums to give him or her a complete view of your mouth, profile, and jaw line. By using these X-rays, Dr. Nguyen can see exactly how your teeth are lining up, or misaligning. For younger people, Dr. Nguyen can see how new teeth are coming in and if there are going to be any possible future problems. Dental impressions, which you bite into, will create a 3-D version of your mouth, including the exact dimensions of your gums and teeth. Dental impressions are used to make study models in order to help Dr. Nguyen study your mouth. 

You will also need to give Dr. Nguyen a complete history of your dental health and general health records. He or she must know any dental problems that you have had in the past. Before you go into your consultation, it's a good idea to write down anything in your dental history that might affect your treatment. Be sure to tell Dr. Nguyen if you are taking any medications and/or if there are any medications you may be allergic to. Write these down if you need to.

During Your Consultation

Dr. Nguyen will explain to you how your teeth, jaws, and alignment are doing and explain what type of solutions may be needed. You will be encouraged to look at your X-rays and pictures, and ask questions or express any concerns. The goal is to personalize your treatment for the best outcome. Future treatment may include braces, retainers, or other dental appliances, but that will not take place during the initial consultation. 

During your consultation, you will also be told how much future treatments will cost. Dr. Nguyen or a member of the staff will go over your treatment fees, insurance coverage (how much it will cover), and the payment policies of the office. 

Feel free to call 702.660.2256 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Nguyen and learn more about what orthodontic treatment can do for you or your child.

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★★★★★I had a wonderful experience at this office. Everything went very smoothly, from scheduling an appointment to the procedure. They even checked in with me a few days after the procedure to make sure I was doing ok at home. I needed to get a lot of work done, and the staff was very helpful in guiding me through what the best way was to go through my dental insurance to minimize out-of-pocket cost. Would highly recommend.
Christina L.


★★★★★Braces Las Vegas is an amazing practice staffed by some of the best dental professionals in the valley. The front end staff is great and very nice as well; moreover, The doctors are just plain fantastic. They educate you and help you understand what is exactly going on in your mouth. They give you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your teeth.
I love Braces Las Vegas and I would recommend them to everyone!
Daniel P.


★★★★★ I brought my eight year old daughter to Braces Las Vegas, and without reservation, this is the BEST orthodontics office she has ever been to. My daughter always sees Dr. Rana and thinks she is fantastic in both her expertise and personality. The entire office is extremely friendly and very helpful. If you need a dentist, this is where you should go. From the moment we enter the front door until we close the door behind us, our experience has been 100% positive! Try them, you'll see!
Michael T.

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