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different kinds of braces

Difference Between Braces

Which type of Braces should you choose?

It’s important to choose braces that you will be most comfortable and satisfied with as you will be responsible for wearing them for a good portion of time, leading to results that will last you a lifetime. There are subtle differences in clear braces and metal braces that typically lie in the cosmetic differences. Some people cannot fathom having to wear metal braces that are more obvious to notice than its clear counterpart.

Clear Braces

Clear braces 89117 have a much better chance of blending in over metal braces. If you’re concerned with the way you’re going to look in pictures, etc. then perhaps clear braces may be the obvious choice. However, clear braces are generally higher priced than metal braces. 

This is to be expected throughout treatment. Don't worry! It's normal. Teeth must loosen first so they can be moved. The teeth will again become rigidly fixed in their new – corrected – positions. The clear braces we offer here at Braces Las Vegas are called the In-Ovation® System Braces which is a technically advanced way of having braces.


In-Ovation® uses smaller brackets for a more comfortable fit as well as free-sliding technology that speeds up the process of straightening your teeth.

Metal Braces

An advantage of metal braces is the fact that they’re made with high-grade stainless steel, meaning they are stronger than clear braces with a smaller chance of breaking. You can also customize your metal braces to use colored bands for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Beyond clear braces, Invisalign® offers its patients a truly invisible way of straightening your teeth for those who do not want to have the possibility of feeling embarrassed for wearing braces. 

Always remember that braces are absolutely a great way to straighten your teeth, having worked for millions of satisfied people. Many people are completely able to look beyond the negatives of braces when they realize how much better their teeth look. Call us at 702.660.2256 set up a free consultation with our Las Vegas Dentist to see which type of braces would work best for you.

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★★★★★I had a wonderful experience at this office. Everything went very smoothly, from scheduling an appointment to the procedure. They even checked in with me a few days after the procedure to make sure I was doing ok at home. I needed to get a lot of work done, and the staff was very helpful in guiding me through what the best way was to go through my dental insurance to minimize out-of-pocket cost. Would highly recommend.
Christina L.


★★★★★Braces Las Vegas is an amazing practice staffed by some of the best dental professionals in the valley. The front end staff is great and very nice as well; moreover, The doctors are just plain fantastic. They educate you and help you understand what is exactly going on in your mouth. They give you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your teeth.
I love Braces Las Vegas and I would recommend them to everyone!
Daniel P.


★★★★★ I brought my eight year old daughter to Braces Las Vegas, and without reservation, this is the BEST orthodontics office she has ever been to. My daughter always sees Dr. Rana and thinks she is fantastic in both her expertise and personality. The entire office is extremely friendly and very helpful. If you need a dentist, this is where you should go. From the moment we enter the front door until we close the door behind us, our experience has been 100% positive! Try them, you'll see!
Michael T.

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