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Do You Need Braces?

How To Know If You Need Braces

Many common questions are answered in our Braces FAQ, but one burning question remains popular: how to know if you need braces. Braces are an orthodontic device used to straighten and align teeth and are proudly offered by our orthodontic practice in Las Vegas. 

In the case of some patients, the need for braces is severe, with malformed or crooked teeth impacting the patient’s bite and proper function of the mouth in general. For others, the need for braces is primarily cosmetic - correcting small flaws and gaps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the teeth. 

For many, braces are helpful at treating a range of issues relating to both the functionality and appearance of the teeth. If you believe you may need braces, take some time to consider exactly what you hope the braces will accomplish. A dental professional should always be the final authority in deciding if braces are needed. Below we've compiled a short list of some of the most telltale signs that a person could benefit from braces.

Functional Concerns

Crooked and misaligned teeth can cause serious issues which can be corrected by the use of braces 89117. If the upper and lower jaws and the teeth themselves are not properly aligned, issues such as under or overbite may occur.

    Such conditions can result in:

  • Decreased chewing efficiency
  • Abnormal wear on the teeth potentially leading to fractures
  • Periodontal issues
  • Injuries to gums
  • And other soft tissues within the mouth

    Alignment issues can often be noted visually. Look for:

  • Irregular gaps
  • Crowding and spacing issues
  • Protruding teeth
  • and the overall "straightness" of the teeth

The jaw also offers visual cues: receded or protruding jaws can often be indicative, as well as noting if the jaw shifts or "pops," making sounds when moving. If a misalignment in teeth is causing damage to the mouth or trouble chewing, this is a strong indicator that braces may be necessary. In severe cases, the improper positioning of the teeth themselves can cause pain even when the jaw is at rest.


For children whose teeth are still developing into adulthood, should the spacing between the teeth be large or irregular enough, additional complications can result in improper or malformed growth if braces are not used. In some children the need for braces is indicated by the abnormally early, late or irregular loss of baby teeth.

Aesthetic concerns

For many, the prompt to getting braces is having one or several crooked teeth, or abnormally large gaps between the teeth. Even if this issue does not cause any functional hindrance or physical pain, some are compelled by the appeal of a beautiful smile to get braces. 

While closing gaps and straightening crooked teeth can have its own benefits, such as improving dental hygiene by making the mouth easier to clean and allowing less room for potentially harmful deposits, in many cases the effect is negligible and the only real impact from applying braces is straightening for aesthetic reasons. 

When considering braces primarily for aesthetic purposes, it is definitely an optional procedure and as such should be given due diligence before a decision is made. For those suffering from highly visible gaps or misalignments, the corrections given by braces can be a huge boost to self-esteem and self-image. 

For others with a minor misalignment, the difficulties imposed by the procedure and the wearing of the braces may not be a worthy investment.

Other Issues

In some cases, the braces have the impact of widening the airway passage which can help to alleviate breathing issues, especially for children. Other issues can include a notable "facial imbalance" where the improper positioning of the teeth and/or jaw causes noticeable misalignments of facial features. For some, especially in children, finger sucking or biting, chewing or biting of the cheeks and or lips, can be indicative of alignment issues. In serious cases the speech can even be affected.


If you, your child or a loved one are experiencing any of these issues mentioned above, then don’t hesitate to contact us at 702.660.2256 for a thorough consultation. You can also contact us online. We have 4 locations throughout Las Vegas for your convenience.

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